Text compiled with random word generator and predictive text. Generated words appear capitalized.

Agony of a oeuf-year in his head 
in the world of his own body
but the other side of the world
is not too far from 
the Hill that was my favorite part about 
Exact time 
for the first day
and the day before 

Dismissal for a while to get back to you 
Spread the song on my face
and then again 
it looks like a good thing
to say the
Trick of the game is not a joke

Kill the moon 
or the moon again
tomorrow night
love the song again 

It was just like the moon again 
just like the green one
and the moon again

Ground to the floor of The Atlantic
in the trash room 
Temple of a new haven 
of that 
Hour of the day
to get my car off the road 

Speed of the moon
is so much better than the others 

Master bedroom door is open 

Mention that you have to tell her
that she was just trying
to make sure that 
I didn’t have to do anything with you
because you know what that means
you have been so much more than you think 

Clarify what the moon is
supposed moon is
to say hello
and yes
I love that song 

Twist the green
and orange
and white
and blue moon again 

Sword king
the green queen
the moon again

in my life 
the green moon
is gorgeous tonight 

Firm on the moon
is that lineage of a new song 

Sugar free and hot tea
with a little bit of orange juice 
Figure it is the same way 
to summit up the world 

Venus the way you are in my mind 
Constellation of my skin 
Quiet night
a little too hot to eat 

Energy of the moon
in my mouth again
pure hell of the moon 

Trench for that one day 

Distance is my favorite thing
in the morning 
Home to bed and
back in the morning 

Mail it out today 
Pack up the trash bags
Preach the moon again
in Christ
and Christ
in Christ 

Addicted to this song 
but I wish I could play with this one
and then again
it would never really happen 

Breathe right now 
Exile who wants to be 
the king of kings
Live alone in 
the world of the moon 
Reach out for the next
day of the moon

Flat tire on the ground floor
of the house 
In the past two years
I have been so much more
than I wanted 

Manual transmission fluid
in electrical wiring
and the moon power
steering wheel of a
fire truck engine

Orange juice
and green tea
with orange green
green orange
green pepper
and orange 
orange and white tea
with green tea
and green green beans
and white rice are 
too good 
with the white sauce
on the side 
of the moon 

Eat a little more than you can 
Stain the moon again
on the ground floor 
in the basement 
Fair enough that you have to go
back down there to make sure that 
the moon was in a good place 

Worms in my mouth 
Voice to say yes to
Comfort food and 
orange moon again

and the best part 
of the Notion 
for the first time 
in the world 
I’m not sure of
Colorful graphics
but like the others
in on the joke 

Eye candy for the moon 
Piece of candy for 
the kids 
Passive voice and 
orange juice 

Fox News president
of the Art party
of the world bank
in March of last year’s election
in November 
of the moon 
on the same day 
as the moon 
was held by the green
green tea ceremony 
in a new song
called for the moon the

Creation of the green moon
and orange moon again
and you have a little bit 
more than the moon again 

Exchange the green moon again
for the first time in a while 
Sacred heart of the moon 
the world is the same thing as you 

Standard for me to see you in a few words 
Promise you don’t have a lot of time
for your family 
Sustain a good mood today
and then it again
is a good game to play
with you and 
your family love this game and 
love this song and
orange moon again

I am so glad to see
you enjoying the green moon again
and it looks like a gorgeous moon again 
beautiful moon again 

Cycle for the first time in my life 
Equinox for the first time in my lifetime 

Veins are welcome 
but also that’s 
very dangerous 

Claim that I was just trying
to make sure that the moon was a joke 

a little more than a half moon and 
orange moon again
and the shame that is
an Indication of that