on wikipedia, frantically

The man who currently holds the title as 'most prolific wikipedia editor' goes by Ser Amantio di Nicolao, a minor character (notary, to be precise), in Puccini's opera, Gianni Schicchi. The opera is inspired by a story in Divine Comedy. In the opera, it's a case of assumed identity to alter the will of a dead man and stop the disbursement of funds to a monastery. (There's probably some nuance, this is cursory)

So there's something there about deception, lies, revision: in the opera Ser Amantio di Nicolao discovers the fraud, in his small role, which inspired Steven Pruitt to adopt the pseudonym. A romantic approach to becoming the world's foremost textual vigilante!

And it gets better


People (better yet, governments) have paid for the creation of mass sockpuppet accounts, which due to the nature of the platform as community-as-fact-checker allowed false information to be "checked" as fact.

This feels like something...? It feels like something that can be stretched to an incredible amount of absurdity - a Wikilibretto consisting of Pruitt's valiant edits amidst a chorus of deceitful puppets.

But Pruitt is also a private military contractor for Customs and Border Protection working on... you guessed it - records. Oh, and training ICE agents.

So what if... Pruitt is really the villain here - not so much a defender of massive frauds like those of the government of Gibraltar, but instead, someone whose political interests and line of work of "data tracking" mean, well, he's actually the US Federal Government's most important digital information tool.